• Calling for Research Participants

    Calling for Research Participants

    As a human, autistic adult, and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) dedicated to ethical and humane treatment of others, this research is a high priority to me. I am highly interested in ensuring that the data taken is accurate to the experiences of those who have received formal ABA services. As such, I would love for the dissemination of this study’s research to be far reaching. Certainly there is a part of me that is concerned about the information this research will present. But what is more concerning to me is that there is so little research which has been

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  • Behavior Principles Present at Linkin Park Concert

    Behavior principles present in this video: -*Putative punishment of dancing when someone falls in the form of response cost (music stopping) and correction. -Clearly stated rule of Safety First (rules governed behaviors). -Clear use of Premack Principle (if you get up/help each other out we will play the song again). -Clearly restating the rules and why they are important (rules governed behaviors). -High Probability (high-P) demand sequence in the form of chanting the rule of if someone falls you help them up. -*Putative reinforcement of the behavior of helping those who fall through attention and socially mediated access. Behavior analysts

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Bearded Behaviorist

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