Learning ABA

Bearded Behaviorist is dedicated to Open-source Educational Resources (OER). OERs are typically free, but not always. Unless otherwise stated, the educational content created by Bearded Behaviorist are licensed as an OER that allows for use in both commercial and non-profit capacities so long as credit for the sources is provided. Typically, the posts that are made have the Bearded Behaviorist Logo on them as a watermark, so that is sufficient. However, for use of other items such as clips from the Oh Behave! Podcast do require clear citation.

OERs are essential to making education inexpensive or even free. In an age where education can be bogged down by administrative bloat, content creators are essential to drive back the costs and increase knowledge and understanding of vital sciences. As such, you are invited to contribute to content creation. Bearded Behaviorist is open to collaborative projects (but does reserve the right to decline invitations due to work load), and is always looking for new guests on the Oh Behave! Podcast to continue to dissemination effort.

Furthermore, you are invited to join the ABAI ABA OER SIG. In case you are NGWA (not good with acronyms) like me, that stands for Applied Behavior Analysis International Applied Behavior Analysis Open-source Educational Resources Special Interest Group. At any rate, you are invited. If you wish to know more, go here.