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Moving Towards Our Values

Today is World Values Day! Values are a key aspect to Acceptance and Commitment Training because committing to move towards your values creates the pivots which lead to success.

Values ARE NOT goals. Values inform goals, but if a goal is achieved the value persists. Values are foundational characteristics that define who we are. We define our values. Imagine you are a tree. Your values are your roots. The branches reaching out, the leaves created, the fruit grown, those are all the fruits of your values. They are the goals you achieve and the things you do and create.

I did an exercise where I listed my values and then formed them into a motto of sorts. This motto informs my pets and professional life. The crest in the image was created by my dear friend, Robert Ennis, who is now my business partner at Legend Masters LLC.

The crest itself is formed around my values. The central structure of the crest is a top down view of the Middleton family crest of a tower (a Scottish clan). The Celtic knotwork if a nod towards my Scottish, Irish, and Germanic heritage. The fists represent conflict while the shaking hands represent resolution. The compass and light from the gem represents finding direction and light through action. The gem itself is a star sapphire, which is my favorite gem because it will take any light from its environment and reflect and intensify it.

Metaphor is powerful as a tool because it helps the verbal problem solving machines of our minds find connections and move towards our values if we are intentional about it.

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