• Announcing The Divergent Road: Make All the Difference Workshop

    Announcing The Divergent Road: Make All the Difference Workshop

    Announcing a day long workshop and follow up Q&A presented by autistic behavior analysts for neurodivergent affirming practices and trauma-informed care in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

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  • Behavior Principles Present at Linkin Park Concert

    Behavior principles present in this video: -*Putative punishment of dancing when someone falls in the form of response cost (music stopping) and correction. -Clearly stated rule of Safety First (rules governed behaviors). -Clear use of Premack Principle (if you get up/help each other out we will play the song again). -Clearly restating the rules and why they are important (rules governed behaviors). -High Probability (high-P) demand sequence in the form of chanting the rule of if someone falls you help them up. -*Putative reinforcement of the behavior of helping those who fall through attention and socially mediated access. Behavior analysts

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  • Operant Extinction

    A lot of times, when operant extinction (or extinction for short) is mentioned, it is in the context of planned ignoring. The problem with this is the assumption that the individual is ignored. The reality is that should always be the BEHAVIOR which is ignored, not the individual. Extinction occurs naturally all the time, so it is important to specify what it is. Operant extinction is what happens when reinforcement that normally is available is no longer available. While planned ignoring can be one way of putting extinction for a behavior into place, it is just an example. For example,

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  • Appeals to Popularity & the Consequences

    Appeals to popularity can seem harmless, but they pose a major danger, especially when it comes to socially significant behaviors up to and including medical decisions, voting, beliefs, and much, much more.

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  • When Parents Fight for Their Kids

    These parents essentially did a 15 year, continuous preference assessment to help their boys find their passion! It’s amazing. Community member, Allan Schneider, shared this inspiring article with us. The thing that sadness me is that frequently non-vocal/less vocal individuals are assumed to not have interests or passions, but all too often it is due to lack of exposure. Even individuals who might have struggles in other areas but are able to express themselves are frequently assumed to be limited in their interests. Thankfully, my parents took a similar tack with me and my siblings. I have previously mentioned that

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  • Socially Significant (and Non-significant)

    This glorious meme’s credit is owed to Jason Stauffer. He made the observation about a shared meme that pointing out a new behavior (Bx) without behavior is less of an issue than taking data on non-socially significant behaviors. Some examples of this is taking data on stimming behaviors for our autistic clients or not making eye contact. If there is self injury behaviors (SIB) or harming of others, then it is socially significant, but if it is none of those than we should not be worrying about the Bx. Age appropriate would be another example. Expecting a 3 to 5

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  • #dobetter in Schools (as well as ABA)

    ABA needs to be held to a high standard, but that does not excuse the abuses of education against the children the system should be serving and protecting.

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  • An Introduction to ACT (& ACT Week)

    Our verbal abilities create connections in amazing ways. Humanity is fantastic at problem solving as individuals and as groups. But this ability is a double edge sword. Because we can connect anything with anything through our verbal abilities, we can connect pain, fear, anxiety, and more with objects, situations, songs, words, thoughts, memories, and yes, even other emotions. Acceptance that everyone feels physical and psychological pain is not exclusive to nihilism. In fact, that acceptance is an important part of being able to build resilience and compassion for yourself and others. The act of turning away from your pain pairs

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