The Power of Differential Reinforcement in Trauma-informed Care

Understand what a differential is in mechanical terms is not essential to understand differential reinforcement, but it certainly helps with grasping why it is so important.

A differential is a geared mechanism that is used in vehicles to allow for one wheel to turn at a faster rate than another for purposes of gaining traction in different conditions as well as to ensure that a vehicle can turn more efficiently. When turning, for example, the wheel on an inward turn will need to rotate slower than the wheel on the outward side.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Differential Reinforcement in Trauma-informed Care”

  1. I just listened to your podcast on ABA Inside Track. It made so much sense to me. Your presentation was impressive, sensitive, insightful, conceptually systematic. I am impressed by your ethical, humane and evidence-based explanations and approach to doing ABA. I have been practicing ABA and consulting for a number of years and have lately been trying to share my insights. I am working on two writing projects right now – one related our general failure to recognize the important of social skills and the implications of that for adult (IDD) anti-social behavior the second is on guidance for behavior analysts on restrictive procedures. I had some useful thoughts while listening to you on both of these topics. If you are willing, I would love to schedule a time to talk to you about the implications of your message for these topics. let me know if this would work for you.

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