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Resources for a variety of groups. Resource includes or will include resources for neurodivergent teens & adults, for parents, teachers, and professionals.

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Links and listings for punlished works, inlcuding but not limited to podcasts, continuing education (CEUs), and other works.


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Bearded Behaviorist or LEgend Masteres

Public Speaking

Brian (the Bearded Behaviorist) speaks on topics ranging from behavior analysis to neurodiversity to disability rights to emotional regulation & social skills. Brian has been a guest on many podcasts & TV shows to being a keynote speaker, presenter, panelist, and respondant at conferences. Contact him about speaking for your organization here.

Small Business Tools

Legend Masters LLC specializes on providing custome tools for small businesses. We provide artistic and graphic design services specializing in printing and creative needs. From bulk to on-demand printing to digital asset creation, we can help.

Social Media

Brian posts a lot on social media. You can find and connect with him through these social media platforms.


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Scientist, Teacher, Autistic, Multiply Neurodivergent, Curious

Bearded Behaviorist started December 8th, 2018 with a Facebook page that was created to share memes and observations on radical behaviorism. Since then, Brian, the Bearded Behaviorist, has certified as an IBA (International Behavior Analyst) and BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).

Brian is an autistic adult who is also diagnosed with ADHD and has a reading disability and hearing loss. He taught as a special education teacher for 7 years, 5 of which was as a middle school behavior specialist.

Brian is a functional contextuist (someone who practices contextual behavioral science). He is passionate about radical behaviorism, neurology, evolutionary biology & psychology, social psychology, and more. He is about explore and learning to make the world better for everyone.

Brian is an active advocate who pushing for disability rights both within and outside of applied behavior analysis. Brian believes that in order for true change to occur, embracing seeing disability rights as human rights is essential.


A world that is inclusive for all regardless of our differences. A world were societies access is prioritiezed regardless of one’s differences from others.


Through curious and genuine inquiry utilize the scientific method to identify and move toward thriving for each person.

We learn and grow together.

Bearded Behaviorist

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